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2012 Vol 4 issue 1 - Law and Antisemitism
Guest Editor, Kenneth Lasson
  Vol 4 issue 2 - Eastern Europe
Guest Editor, Andras Kovacs
2011 Vol 3 issue 1 - Latin America
Guest Editor Shimon T. Samuels
  Vol 3 issue 2 - Campus Antisemitism
Guest Editor, Kenneth L Marcus
2010 Vol 2 issue 1 - General Papers
  Vol 2 issue 2 - New York Conference
Muslim Antisemitism
2009 Vol 1 issue 1 - Michael Berenbaum, Guest Editor
  Vol 1 issue 2 - General Papers

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David Sokol's The Mufti

  "Great animation of Hitler Mufti meeting"
Steven K Baum, Editor
Journal for the Study of Antisemitism
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Here are key articles by JSA Board Members. Click on the book titles below for members books and related antisemitism work. Bonne Lecture!

New: Posters about Israel and Apartheid


Antisemitism on Campus: A New Look at Legal Interventions
Lesley Klaff

Fighting with phantoms: a contribution to the debate on antisemitism in Europe
Robert Fine

Christian and Muslim Anti-Semitic Beliefs - Steven K. Baum
Journal of Contemporary Religion, May 2009, 137-156

AntiZionist Expression on the UK Campus - Lesley Klaff

Modern Anti-Semitism and Anti-Israeli Attitudes - Cohen, Harber, Jussim, Bhasin
Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 2009, Vol. 97, No. 2, 290-306


Go to amazon to buy this book Richard Rubenstein
Jihad And Genocide
(Rowman & Littlefield)

"...the research meticulous and precisely documented."
      --Alyssa Lappen

Go to amazon to buy this book Anthony Julius
Trials Of The Diaspora
(Oxford University Press)

"...staggering erudition
      --Philip Roth
"...speaks to the experience of the English Jew"
      --Lesley Klaff

Go to amazon to buy this book Kenneth Marcus
Jewish Identity And Civil Rights In America
(Cambridge University Press)

"A seminal work"
      --Marc Dollinger

Go to amazon to buy this book Melanie Phillips
The World Turned Upside Down

"I gave it four stars for it is essential that we know about the nonsense we hear"
      --Sanford Aranoff

A Lethal Obsession Robert Wistrich
A Lethal Obsession
(Random House)

"...the outstanding historian of our generation"
      --Frederick Schweitzer
"...monumental and encyclopedic work"
      -Irwin Cotler

In Ishmael's House Martin Gilbert
In Ishmael's House
(Yale University Press)

"...from the days of Mohamed himself to the Arab-Israeli conflict"
      --Herman Wouk

Palestine Betrayed Efraim Karsh
Palestine Betrayed
(Yale University Press)

"A tour de force..."
      --Daniel Pipes

Antisemitism: Myth and Hate Marvin Perry
Frederick Schweitzer
Antisemitism: Myth and Hate
( Palgrave McMillan)

"Compelling reading of how myths and legends create
antisemitic realities"       --Steven K Baum

Globalising Hatred Denis MacShane
Globalising Hatred

"Both a cri de couer for a new tolerance and an attempt to throw light on a form of hatred that mobilizes politics"       --Amazon

Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism Andrew Bostom
The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism

"...groundbreaking major scholarly event of cultural and political significance"
      --Steven T Katz

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